Decorative Plates

The Vietri ceramic plats and wall decorations give each room character and exclusivity. They are suitable for a workspace or living room.

Wall plates Alici collection

The Alici collection is perfect to take take a contemporary and mediterranean note into your home This collection is developed on round wall plates of different sizes so that they can be combined together to create suggestive compositions. 

Wall plates Signs Collection

A universe of graphic and geometric signs on decorative wall plates.
The irregular surfaces, the sophisticated design embellishing any environment. They can be combined together to create suggestive compositions.

Decorative Plates Tiles collection

 The Tiles collections is inspired by the old tiles decorations, the design of the old riggiole are shown on large round plates. The plates are perfect for hanging on the walls or arranged as a centerpiece.

Plate wave shaped

The plates wave shaped are a good solution to decorate your room .The sophisticated design and the irregular surfaces embellishing any environment. The wave shape allow you to use the plate also as a centerpiece.

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