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Objects and accessories for your home

Make your home stylish and character thanks to the Vietri ceramic items by Solimene Art. A large collection of vases, jars, decorative plates, all hand painted.


Give a touch of personality to home with Vietri ceramic vases by Solimene Art. All vases are hand painted and it is an unique object with a contemporary design. The irregularity of the surfaces and the variety of design emerge even from the simples item like bottles or bowls.

Decorative Plates

The Vietri ceramic plats and wall decorations give each room character and exclusivity. They are suitable for a workspace or living room.

Decor accessories

Make your home unique with our completely handmade decorative accessories.
Bowls, decorative bottles and jars inspired by the Amalfi coast, each product is unique and irreplaceable.

  • Round vase Alici design


    Ceramic round vase with Alici design is perfect to bring into your home a touch of Mediterranean and contemporary style.

    May combined differente shape and sizes of vases to create suggestive compositions.

    Each item is 100% ceramic handpainted.

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  • Wall plate cm 25 Signs cod.02


    The Signs Decorative Wall Plate cm 25  features a universe of graphic and geometric signs on the hand painted Vietri ceramic is perfect to bring a note of contemporary style into the home.

    The Signs collection is a striking mix of tradition and innovation, it is developed on round wall plates of different sizes for displaying together in various combinations, each plate has a unique expression.

    Each item is 100% ceramic handpainted.

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  • Jar with wooden lid Alici cod.03


    This ceramic jar with wood lid is a perfect combination of creativity and culture, the shape and the design is inspired to Amalfitan Coast , to the traditional jars to storage food.

    This product is not only used for storage and but is also used for decoration purpose. May use it  to keep coffee, sugar, or other kitchen essentials in their original bags or combined it with vases or other items of the same collection.

    The wooden lid and the irregular surface creates a warm and vibrant look

    Each item is 100% ceramic handpainted.

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  • Decorative ceramic bottle Sign motif cod.09


    This handmade ceramic bottle has a unique aesthetic, his design and the irregular surface will bring  a bit of attitude into your home, it will be noticed and appreciated, for its beauty and style.  Use the bottle like a vase with flowers or use it alone as a beautiful object in its own right.

    May be used separately or  combined with other products in the same series.

    Each item is 100% ceramica handpainted.


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